Navigation is wrapping in IE7

Hello, I have a couple issues with IE7. It doesn't seem to be listening to the :first-child pseudo selector It also wraps the navigation down a line when it shouldn't. Thoughts? Read more


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nav beyond lists in HTML5?

From what I've seen so far all examples of the <nav> element in HTML5 contain only lists. Would it be sensible to also include elements like the primary search box and account navigation elem... Read more

1 answer Latest by Sebastian Patane Masuelli almost 9 years ago

My website's nav menu doesn't display in IE7.

I just finished a web site and have noticed that when I go to view it in IE7 the navigation doesn't show up. I cross referenced the issue and the nav is working fine in Opera, Safari, and Firefox. ... Read more


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Stretch my nav bar the width of the document? Need suggestions.

Hey guys, I need your opinion on my navigation bar on my site over at [Mario Planet][1] As you can see, it is "themed" in the likes of [Apple's][2] More like copied, but you know, I like the ... Read more


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getting a php file to display an html navigation file

hey, all! i'm trying to build a wordpress theme, and have my cute navigation html document that i want to call up in the header.php file. i get the whole tag thing with displaying a plain image, ... Read more


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Suckerfish Menu won't left:auto?

Hey Doctype Community! Just working on a project at the moment, and I'm going to use the suckerfish menu for a drop-down on the 'Our Services' link. I've used the menu several times before, but ... Read more

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