How do I remove line breaks in nested lists?

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How to Number nested ordered lists?

Is there any way through CSS to style nested ordered lists to display sub numbers? The idea is similar to using heading levels. However what I'd really like to see is the following. Note each of... Read more

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How can I avoid forms within a form?

From what I understand this is a bad idea but here is my situation. I have a table of search results and on the left side each row has a checkbox (like GMail) so you can perform batch operations... Read more

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How do I create a nested table in HTML?

Hi, I am trying to create a nested table in my HTML document. I've made 1 of 3 but I don't know how to insert the next table. It seems logical to create a new table tag and start a new table but ... Read more

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Aligning nested divs

Hey everyone. I'm having trouble lining up the bottom left div (that's nested within other divs) to the bottom of the middle wraper. Anyone have an idea as to how I get a nice, clean bottom alignme... Read more


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