Restrictions to unload event in Safari and Opera?

I'm building a manual garbage collection to prevent mermory leaks using a jQuery flush-method ([like the one found at stackoverflow][1]). I want to unbind all events before the window closes or is ... Read more

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Gradient not working in opera

I have the following line for opera, but it doesn't seem to be working. It just shows up as purple background: background: -o-linear-gradient(left, rgba(166,179,212,1) 0%,rgba(156,207,242,1... Read more

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Why does my website fail in Opera?

I'm having many bizarre issues with Opera none of which occur in any other browser including IE6. If you go to you'll notice that: the text is getting cut off ver... Read more


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My jQuery navigation doesn't work in Opera

I have an animated jQuery navigation bar at the following site: [][1] The animation works in every browser except for Opera (it even works in IE6!). Has anyon... Read more

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Opera font sizes are about 20% larger?

I am setting a base font size of 90% on the body element. On the other elements in my document I set font sizes with em units. In IE 6, 7, and 8; Firefox 3.6; and Chrome 8 my font sizes are as I ... Read more


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@font-face SVG fonts in Safari and Opera

I'm using an @font-face kit created by uploading a couple fonts of mine to fontsquirrel. I'm having problems with Safari and Opera, both of which are downloading the SVG font, but not using it for... Read more

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Labels not triggering checkbox when it's display:none in Opera

I've got something like Bar And of course in CSS I've got .hide... Read more


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Opera Mini and Embeded Fonts

Can anyone tell me if Opera Mini supports the use of embedded fonts? The following code works in Mobile Safari, but it doesn't seem to work on Opera Mini for the iPhone. @font-face... Read more

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Trouble with Canvas rendering in Safari/Opera

Hi everyone, Been banging my head against this one for a while, and figured I'd turn to the experts for some advice. I've made a jQuery snippet that grabs the values from a table and plots t... Read more

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