PDF doesn't load, server gives http 206 response

I am trying to link to a PDF from a normal html link. When I click in FF3.5 the link, my server gives a http200 then an http206 'partial content' response. And the browser simply says 'Stopped' i... Read more

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Placing a specific page of a PDF into an InDesign document

I'm trying to place a specific page from a PDF document into an InDesign file. The problem is that when I do the place it only places the first page. Any ideas? Read more

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Exporting a PDF or ODT (Open Office Writer) File into a Table in an ODD (Open Office Base) File

Hey All: As written in the subject, i would like to export data contained in an Open Office Writer file(ODT)/PDF file into an Open Office Base (DB) file. I have in the DB file column names,... Read more

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Accessible / Usable alternatives to PDFs documents.

Hi, Does anyone have any suggestions for usable, accessible alternatives to PDFs , or comment on the suggestions I have made below. PDFs are a real pain point for me at the moment: Unfo... Read more

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Open PDF from Flash without requiring installed PDF reader

My Flash website has been put on a CD in an executable (Flash Presentation) and I'm looking for a way to have PDFs open from inside Flash without requiring an installed PDF reader. Is there an exe ... Read more

1 answer Latest by Doug almost 10 years ago

How do I electronically sign a PDF?

Hi, I've been sent a nondisclosure agreement in pdf format that I have to electronically sign. Not quite sure what to do. Google search proved useless. Should I just open it up in an editor and fil... Read more

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