Pulling in 2 numbers from different databases and multiplying/dividing them in PHP

Hi there, I'm currently trying to pull in two numbers (1 from a MySQL Database and another from a WordPress custom field) and multiply them. E.g: `] / 2) * NUMBER-FR... Read more

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getting a php file to display an html navigation file

hey, all! i'm trying to build a wordpress theme, and have my cute navigation html document that i want to call up in the header.php file. i get the whole tag thing with displaying a plain image, ... Read more


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wordpress design need advice

I'm designing a theme for wordpress. I need advice on how I would construct it. At the bottom of my Frontpage/Home I will put a snippets (a title and a short description of blog post) of what is... Read more

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(Wordpress) Displaying the child category of a specific parent category

I am using this snippet (referenced from [here][1]) to seperate categories in my post meta. <?php foreach((get_the_category()) as $childcat) { if (cat_is_ancestor_of(7, $childcat)... Read more

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Wordpress - would you see a security issue enclosing db name, user and pass & code snippet in a custom page

In your opinion, how could this example code snippet compromise overall server and site specific security: bbd... Read more

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