is it ok to place <head> data in a separate php file?

Including meta data, css links, etc. in an effort to template-ize a site? Read more

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Show text instead of html

Hi. I'm having the following problem: I have a page where a user inserts text inside a textarea and then I output the contents of that textarea in another page (php). If the user decides to in... Read more

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PHP not posting field data in FF Mac

Seems that this PHP form is only not posting data successfully in Firefox Mac on the Thank You page. Any idea why? Thanks in advance. Read more

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How did they make this shirt maker? I'm really interested how they achieved this. Is the php/ajax querying images from a data base every time a user clicks? Would this app need a ... Read more

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Amount of caracters in an input field?

How can I check the amount of caracters used in an input field? Because i want to be at least a specific amount, and if it is lower, to fill it with spaces until the amount is reached. I do n... Read more

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Webkit browsers default stylesheet keeps changing my font size

I narrowed down my issue to two browsers, Chrome and Safari, both webkit browsers. I have a form that is inserted via PHP, but whenever it is submitted, the font size changes to 16px which is the d... Read more

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Are there any recommended tools for beautifying PHP/HTML?

Does anyone know of a good tool for cleaning up/formatting PHP files? I'd need something that can handle HTML with < ?php ?> tags, as well as pure PHP files. Ideally, I'd like a Maven mojo, since... Read more

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Word Document Form to XML with XSLT

I made a form in php so that we could electronically fill out a form rather than faxing back and forth, and make it more legible. The issue I'm having is populating the final page, I was handed ... Read more

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My site doesn't display certain images

Hi, after a system upgrade, certain pictures aren't displayed in my Drupal installation. I notice that, for instance, some jpeg are visible while other are not (the extension being for both jpeg, a... Read more

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Problem in AJAX and PHP. Please HELP!!

I am having problem with AJAX and PHP. I have a function which sends a request to a PHP file, qlist.php. I can't understand why this function is not receiving any response from the PHP file. Here i... Read more

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