Is there a brower plugin for taking screenshots of individual elements in a web page?

I'm looking for a plugin that would allow you to select an individual element of a web page, (much like firebug) and save a screenshot of just that element. Does such a plugin exist for any browser? Read more

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Using "now reading reloaded" plugin on my site but in full library view the template looks strange, any ideas?

Using the "now reading reloaded" plugin for my website .There is a widget on the right menu bar, when you click View full Library under the widget it affects the template. Any ide... Read more


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Ben 11

Jquery Twitter Plugin

Looking for a Jquery Twitter plugin that rather than listing the tweets, scrolls through the most recent tweets (say like 10), one at a time. Any suggestions? I've been using [this one][1] an... Read more

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Compliance and Compatibility for my Site!

Good Day All: Thank you All for your Immense Suuport and Solutions to technical issues. Doctype is doing a wonderful job and we all its moderators are great minds! I would like to know if t... Read more


3 answers Latest by Richard Grevers over 9 years ago

Implementing Comments - The Easiest Way Out!

Hey All: I want to implement comments for every post on my site. Is there any other easier way i can do this without using the default Wordpress comment feature? Cheers Read more


2 answers Latest by Justin Hileman almost 10 years ago

How to create Page Navigation features on site!

Hey All: I have a new-media and entertainment review website at I want to implement Page Navigation features at the bottom of the page (i.e. <... Read more


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