<pre> and scrolling is there a way to make it respect a given width in % of the page?

I am struggling quite a long time on this problem now and gave up living with ugly pages. Sometimes what you want to put into a `` is long like logfiles or badly wrapped source code (that you ... Read more

4 answers Latest by Richard Grevers about 10 years ago

How do you style <pre> / <code> text to show different colours for different tags/languages

I've seen some sites, including Doctype, show blocks of code using different colours for different languages or tag parts. Below is an example of the styling I am referring to: head... Read more

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How can I make a pre obey the max-height rule in IE6?

I have a `` that I use on my blog to show code samples in, these can get quite long and I want to set a maximum height for them so they don't look messy and take up too much room. I added:... Read more


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