How to print table consistently across browsers specifically Chrome

I have a report that my site generates that need to be printed consistently across browsers. Name Phone otherf... Read more

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Print styles for Safari 5 totally messed up; works in Safari 4

I've got a completed (well, not completed, but it's in production) site that's had a print stylesheet set up for certain pages. That's worked so far in IE7 & 8, Firefox, Chrome 4 and 5, and Safari ... Read more

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Print.css isn't working...

I created a print.css file to just show the calendar, and it isn't working. Site: Here is my link to the print.css file /css/pr... Read more

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What width do I make a web page so that it is printable?

When printing my web page (even as PDF), I experience numerous issues: Image sizes shrink "clear: both" does not work so floating continues when it should not background colors di... Read more

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Printing long div boxes?

I'm trying to work out a problem with a fairly simple `` which doesn't want to print completely. I'm using [][1] to get things laid out the way I like, and all of this is enclosed in ... Read more

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print stylesheet on ie problems

Hi, I've got this page as an example of the page im trying to print: [][1] The problems are on ie6/7, the print style sheet is not applying as i... Read more

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Print media CSS

Is there a way to enable the 'Print background images/colors' browser setting (File/Print Setup) through Javascript or print media CSS? Similarly, is there a way to specify page orientation (por... Read more

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What are some good workarounds to displaying a background color / image on a print stylesheet?

I've recently built a series of pages that have a number of icons (with background images) with text overlaid. The requirements have now changed so that the background images for those icons must ... Read more

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Text cut off when printing

I'm creating printable versions of certain pages of my site, and Safari (haven't tested other browsers yet) will sometimes add a page break halfway through a line of text, leaving the upper portion... Read more

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Problem printing form with <fieldset> tag.

I have several itens in a form and they sometimes need to be printed in 2 papers. The problem is: [fieldset] [a lot of checkboxes and label] [/fieldset] When click in Print Preview, the... Read more

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