Use Javascript to print specific page

I inherited a website designed for IE that has a print button that prints a specifc, dynamic page using javascript; you press the button for a specific week and it prints the payroll information fo... Read more

1 answer Latest by Nathan DeGruchy about 8 years ago

How to place a GIF on an HTML page so it prints perfectly on 8.5x11 paper?

I have a very simple HTML document that is used as a cover sheet. It has three lines of text at specific font sizes for an OCR scanner to read. Now I need to place a bar code image at the top a... Read more

1 answer Latest by Artistic Abode over 8 years ago

Why is Safari reducing the page size some of the time

So I am working on a label program for work. The program results in a page like [this][1] The issue I am coming across is that when I display a multiple of 5 labels on a page, Safari reduces ev... Read more


1 answer Latest by Menno Geelen about 9 years ago

When printing page, layout goes wonky in Firefox & Safari

I'm building out a page and it looks fine in both browsers when you load it. If you try to print this page the layout goes wonky and it looks like none of the elements are floating left as they... Read more


1 answer Latest by Sisira over 8 years ago

Printing long div boxes?

I'm trying to work out a problem with a fairly simple `` which doesn't want to print completely. I'm using [][1] to get things laid out the way I like, and all of this is enclosed in ... Read more

1 answer Latest by Julien Bidoret about 9 years ago

Print Preview in Firefox cutting off the content

I'm not 100% sure if this belongs over at StackOverflow or here, so I am starting here first. The website I work on ran into an issue with Firefox only, and it's printing and print preview. The... Read more


1 answer Best answer by Rob Crowther

How do i use the Envelope feature in MS Word

I have a PDF file containing 1,000 seperate batch records of data named as follows, seperated by a line BATCH OF DATA Name Address City State ZipCode ********... Read more

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