Regular Expression for .htaccess mod_rewrite RewriteRule

Hi, I am using the following code in my .htaccess file to handle a re-direction, but it isn't working, a 404 appears. Can anyone tell me if the expression is incorrect, or if there is any other ... Read more

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redirect (301) shtml pages to php

I've read some of the other similar questions/answers here on doctype regarding best redirect practices. My unique situation remains unanswered. Doing a site redesign and creating pages as php. ... Read more

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Redirect IE browsers using .htaccess?

I'm currently working on an extremely html5 / css3 based portfolio, inevitably it looks like hell in IE, instead of spending hours, maybe days, to fix all the problems I've decided to create a "sim... Read more

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IE ignores redirection header sent in an iframe

I have a website which allows resellers to put our login and registration forms on their website by means of an iframe. When either form is submitted, if there are no errors, the user is redirected... Read more

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How can i redirect to a page with PHP and/or call a JS function from PHP?

Hello, I can't figure this out... I have a document, which checks the users entered stuff if it equals with a variable using PHP. Now, i want that if that information is not equal to the ... Read more

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How to redirect with htaccess?

I know how the basic htaccess redirect works, but I have a specification situation. To be honest, I'm not even sure redirect is the correct approach. I have a website: Read more

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What is the best way to redirect pages after a site re-design?

I recently re-designed website for a business and apparently a lot of the users had bookmarked pages that no longer exist. For example, the previous designer had a page called flashschedule.html... Read more

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301 Redirect with htaccess and Cache: How to Delete Old Cache?

So after much help and research I've FINALLY been able to get the 301 redirects working via .htaccess file, but I noticed that unless I actually hit 'refresh' on my browser it will not redirect the... Read more

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