How do I stop my <li>'s from wrapping?

I have the following code : <i... Read more

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How to make div inside the page scroll, by scrolling the browsers scrollbar.

Hi, I recently visited site). I noticed when i scrolled down the page, the page is still the div element scrolls. I was wondering how could it be done. I tried making t... Read more


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Scrollbars appearing in Safari

Hi guys I have just started work at a new company that has an existing flash website (not my ideal way to have a site, but hey). They have asked me to fix a problem with Safari on the site, but ... Read more


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Sidebar and main content scroll separately or together?

I'm working on a website design and trying to decide whether to have the sidebar scroll independently of the page content, or have just one scrollbar control both divs. What principle should I use ... Read more

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Absolute positioning and scroll bar in Internet Explorer

I've implemented a tree view using HTML and CSS. When an item in this tree view is hovered, a tooltip appears under it. Everything's works great in Firefox, but not in Chrome or Firefox. My pr... Read more

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How do I create custom scroll bars on a div?

![Image explaining things][1] See the scroll bar on the right side of the "Updates" div? Is there any way at all to do that? Even in just IE? Is there a Javascript solution for it? I really don'... Read more

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How do I get a horizontal scrollbar on my page? The usual techniques don't work

I want a horizontal scrollbar to appear on my [page][1] when the window is made too small to contain the text. How do I do this? I already tried <body scroll="auto"> and also **... Read more


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How to override Horizontal Scrollbars on my Blog

Hey People: When my Blog displays on some screens, it shows horizontal scrollbars. Its not good for my layout! How can i override or prevent horizontal scrollbars on some user display sc... Read more


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How can i get the height of the browser scrollbar using js (and jquery)?

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How do I get scrollbars when content inside a fixed <div> overflows the page?

Here's some sample code showing my problem: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" ""> ... Read more

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