How do i get my Jquery image slider to slide properly?

Hi I am using this [jquery slider][1] for my site. I managed to combine it with this [easing menu][2]. The problem is the jquery slider is not working like its suppose to. To rotate continuously ... Read more

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Need jQuery plugin that smoothly cycles images of various sizes

Title self explanatory. I tried using Nivo slider but the image that's fading out doesn't actually just hides behind the one thats loading in. Thanks. Read more

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Fix image javascript rollover areas for IE?

I created these image rollovers to drive a slidedeck (jQuery based extension), they work in Mozilla and WebKit, but they fail miserably in IE (only working when you move the mouse down, not back up... Read more


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jquery jumps to top on click event, return false or prevenDefault doesn't work

Hi, I have written a simple jquery script for a content slider. My problem is that the screen always jumps to the top position of the parent div when sliding the content. I've tried return false... Read more

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jQuery Vertical Content Slider moved by mouse position

I know this exists out there, but I can't seem to find it. I want to set a grid of images (lets say 5 x 20) that is longer than the DIV they are contained in. So the DIV would only show 5 columns... Read more

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feature slider not working, css?

I have a feature slider on my front page. It uses a wordpress plugin that was working okay for me before but now it's not. I suspect it's either a css/jQuery problem because when I go to view th... Read more


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jQuery slidebar for searchbox?

Hi all, I'm currently working on a search box for my site that will hopefully use a slide-bar instead of tabs to conduct the search. Users will enter a search query and instead of choosing from ... Read more

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Correct title/XHTML tags for a slider

I have a jquery slider containing image and text(title and text summary) that consistently appears across all my pages between the top navigation and the main body textual content. As the main b... Read more

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JavaScript content rotator

At [][1], there is a "Today's top picks" thing that you can cycle through the different top rated extensions. Where can I get modifiable code for such a rotator, prefe... Read more

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JQuery slider breaks before refresh?

The slider on my site breaks but corrects itself on refresh. The div.message is absolutely positioned over the images in each slide, this seems to align itself strangely over two slides with the... Read more


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