Best Practice for Loading JS Slideshow

Hello, I'm trying to load a JS image slideshow on a websites homepage. Right now my process is: load first image with rest of html load other images with AJAX swap filler image ... Read more

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How can I fix my flickering jquery/css slideshow ("slideswitch")?

I've used this exact method before with no problem. This time, though, instead of a consistent fade it will get jerky and flicker. The behavior is so sporadic I haven't been able to pinpoint anythi... Read more

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I came across this site selling protecting mats for [garage floor][1]. And they have a nice photo gallery at that i want to add to my website. Does anyone know easy scri... Read more


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How do I create a 'filmstrip' style slideshow like the one on MOMA's website?

I particularly like this one: Thanks! Read more


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