Incorrect Internet Explorer 8 colspan interpretation ?

This HTML table is being misinterpreted by some browsers, and I cannot understand why : Chrome and Outlook display the rendering I expect, where the 2nd cells of the 2nd and 3rd lines pass ... Read more

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Problem floating a span inside a div on IE

Hi, I have put a span inside a div and heading tag so that I have content floated to the right of the div block. You can see this on the live site (site build in progress) on this page where I h... Read more


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.active problem

Hello, With my JavaScript I have set .active after a name of a li when touched on it. Now I am running into problems with this when I want to change the style of it. How can I change the styl... Read more

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How can I have an "informational" span or div move with the cursor when hovering over a specified object?

I have spans of text within a paragraph that I want users to be able to hover over for more information (a term definition, further clarification, etc.). I've done this before by using static, abs... Read more

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How to make a span float:right with IE

I'm trying to get the "Results" and "Page 1 of 2 << >>" text all on the same line in the image below: ![Wrong layout][1] The code including CSS I've used is as follows: result... Read more

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tom 5

What's the best way of having text left, centre and right aligned in the same div?

I'm designing something that's going to have several different status bars. Here's two; [][1] What's the most ... Read more

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