In HTML5 does an <IMG> tag end with a /?

I am trying to figure out if the XML styling for void elements is correct for [images in HTML 5][2]. or Read more

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is href property obligatory in <a> ?

Just a matter of curiosity, I know it will work, but is it standard-compliant? I want to use `` tag with onclick instead of href action, is it "correct"? Read more

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Force IE8 to render XML file in standards mode

I am working on a set of XML files, and when I force IE8 to render them in Standards Mode (with the Developer Toolbar), the pages work fine. However, the default mode is Quirks. I tried forcing t... Read more

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Is there any accepted standard or tag (HTML or otherwise) for a definition when it ISN'T an abbreviation or acronym? For instance, if I said "My house is mahogany and blue" and I wanted a tooltip (... Read more

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CSS standards used by professionals

I have over 100 pages that will be using CSS. I know that you are not supposed to add styles in-line like so: Hello However, is there a good r... Read more

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Different META-description across the site - what does the standards say?

Here's a dry one for ya: I was just wondering what the standards say about how to use the META-description element? Is it a site wide description or supposed to contain different cont... Read more

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What are the safe characters to use in ids?

I'm pretty sure it's just alpha-numeric plus underscore and hypen, but my google-foo is failing me. Read more

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