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Simple 2-column fluid layout with no header/footer: how can I vertically stretch this div to the bottom?

I'm trying to make a simple 2-column fluid layout without a header or footer but whenever the main content is longer than the sidebar, the sidebar refuses to stretch vertically down the entire page... Read more


3 answers Latest by Jude Hansen almost 9 years ago

Stretch my nav bar the width of the document? Need suggestions.

Hey guys, I need your opinion on my navigation bar on my site over at [Mario Planet][1] As you can see, it is "themed" in the likes of [Apple's][2] More like copied, but you know, I like the ... Read more


1 answer Latest by Doug almost 9 years ago

How do I make a DIV stretch 100% height like a table cell?

Hey guys Im new to making sites with CSS layouts rather than table layouts (my bad!). Instead of having a table with 3 rows (A header, Body and a footer) im making 3 separate DIV's How to... Read more

6 answers Best answer by Brian Seward