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styling ol with sticking out image

I have this ordered list to style: ![alt text][1] and it has so many images sticking out of the borders, that I don't know how to style it with CSS, and feel I think that all I can do is cut an ... Read more

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Best practices for laying out inner most content elements

I'm a software developer without very formal education in html/css design skills and I frequently find myself wrestling with how to choose to write my actual content after I get past the primary la... Read more

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Having Trouble Styling a Table in a Wordpress Post

Hi, I am trying to style a table in a Wordpress post, but am having difficulty getting it to work. I have set the post to HTML-editing mode and can get some of the styles to take, but not all. (... Read more

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FOUC on links when CSS3 transitions are applied

In some recent design I put some subtle CSS3 transitions (color, shadow) on :hover for the links. Unfortunately, when (re)loading the page I see a elements (and only those) blue, then they... Read more

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.active problem

Hello, With my JavaScript I have set .active after a name of a li when touched on it. Now I am running into problems with this when I want to change the style of it. How can I change the styl... Read more

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CSS (only) Radio and checkbox styling

I know there is input[type=text], input[type=password]... But is there input[type=radio] or input[type=checkbox] ??? According to [W3C][1] this is possible, but my browsers (Firefox, IE,... Read more

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How do I remove the bullet points from an unordered list without removing it from the posts?

Hi! I have this php Related Posts <?php if ($... Read more

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Style/Graphics Not Showing Up

Even though the XHTML and CSS validate, none of the graphics show up. I can't figure out for the life of me why it's doing this. This has never happened to me before. It doesn't show on FF, Safa... Read more


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Ok to use DT and DD outside of DL?

Is it ok to use DT and DD outside of a DL block? I ask because, I would like to use this items in a similar format of the PHP manual to describe the function. The function name would be encapsul... Read more

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Brackets around input fields

Hi, Does anyone know how to accomplish brackets around input fields similar to how Pandora does it on their sign on page without using Flash? If you navigate to: [Pandora][1] and click into t... Read more


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