Why is the clickable area of my submit button different in IE8?

I had a need to use multiple submit buttons on a form and style them using CSS as clickable answers in a quiz. It all works fine in all browsers other than IE. <input class... Read more

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Submit Button behavior in Explorer

Can anybody tell me how I can get rid of that button jump behavior in Explorer at submit stage? Read more

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Submit element text moves over a few points on active in Firefox only

Hi, Trying to figure out how to prevent the text in my submit button from pushing over a little on click. It only happens during the active state (when the mouse button is being held down over ... Read more


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Submit Button Font - What is it? (browser default styles)

I was wondering what is the default font is for `` tags? I am running Mac OS 10.6 with Firefox 3.6. But the font is the same for Safari 5 as well. Pic of default styled inp... Read more

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Button alignment with sliding doors

I'm using a `` to submit a form on a website I'm building. [You can see it here][1] On the other pages I use a certain link style with sliding doors, and I'd like to use it for the submi... Read more


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How to make styled cross browser submit buttons ?

I am trying to find away to style submit buttons so that I can have rounded corners and fades that work cross-browser. Had problems with img tag in input on IE 6 before. I use this code to style... Read more

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