Sf hover menu - can I get the last menu to fly in to the left instead of to the right?

I'm just using the standard sfhover code: http://htmldog.com/articles/suckerfish/dropdowns/example/bones1.html But the client wants the last menu to flip inward instead of outward. Has anyone don... Read more


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Suckerfish navigation hiding behind content in IE7/IE6

I've built a suckerfish navigation. It seems to work fine in modern browser but it's hiding behind the content when viewed in ie7 and ie6. another issue i notice across all browser is the hover ... Read more


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Degradable Superfish

Hi there, I have just inherited a site and am rebuilding templates from numerous CSS files. I have Superfish drop-downs set up and it is working fine when Javascript is enabled. I know Superfish... Read more

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Suckerfish Menu won't left:auto?

Hey Doctype Community! Just working on a project at the moment, and I'm going to use the suckerfish menu for a drop-down on the 'Our Services' link. I've used the menu several times before, but ... Read more

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Vertical centering using IE

I have a menu as `` that is tidily floating horizontally. I'm then trying to center the text in it vertically (it spills over to 2 or even 3 lines sometimes). Using the following it... Read more

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