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CSS conflict between page styling and use of jQuery Tabs

I am trying to implement jQuery tabs into a page with specific css requirements. The tabs and most of the page contents falls within a maincol div that is centered in the page. But the page also h... Read more


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1 pixel gap beneath tabs in Chrome caused by font

I've been working on [this][1] example of achieving tabs. [This][2] is what it turned out like. It looks just like the example when viewed with Firefox, but in chrome there is a 1 pixel gap beneath... Read more


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jQuery ui tabs anchoring, how to stop it?

I've built a tab navigation, but every time if i try to access a tab via its # url for example. it would then anchor to that div#gum on page load instead of at the top of t... Read more

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Seperate several form items to several tabs without creating other html files

Hi all, for example i got 2 text input and 2 checkbox..I want to show the textinput in a tab,and the 2checkbox in other tab without creating 2 html pages..Is it possible to achive it..Does anyone... Read more

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Best way to create a tab like interface using css?

I am a programmer first, designer second ... so I struggle with my css, and often resort to tables ... so be patient with me! =) I am trying to create a tab-like interface for a web application ... Read more


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