Good example for a touchscreen-optimized tag input field?

Entering tags in a text input field is a common task. Most of those fields use some kind of JavaScript-based suggestion. How would you optimize such a field for use on small, touchscreen-enabled de... Read more

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HTML element to use for a CSS image

I'd like to replace most/all images on a site with CSS, and I was wondering which HTML tag was the most semantically meaningful to use to apply the background-image element to. I'm going to be repl... Read more

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can <figure> be used with background images?

Hi I started reading upon html5 and I am trying to work on a project so that I can see how things work. I know that the tag can be use like this: <img ... Read more

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HTML tags

What does '< noscript >' tag mean? How we can use it? Please explain me. Thanks you all! Read more

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Ok to use DT and DD outside of DL?

Is it ok to use DT and DD outside of a DL block? I ask because, I would like to use this items in a similar format of the PHP manual to describe the function. The function name would be encapsul... Read more

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How do I apply a BG image to both the body AND html tag?

I am applying a repeating BG image to the HTML tag and a non-repeating image to the body. For some reason, the body BG image gets cut in half. How can I fix this? Read more


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How do you style <pre> / <code> text to show different colours for different tags/languages

I've seen some sites, including Doctype, show blocks of code using different colours for different languages or tag parts. Below is an example of the styling I am referring to: head... Read more

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Problems with quotation marks in databases (but not stripslashes)

Hi, I have some articles in a MySQL database which I have inserted manually via WAMP/phpMyAdmin (I typed them in manually, rather than via an 'insert' statement). The problem is, that when I go ... Read more

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