Proper Spacing with Liquid Columns

Working on revamping my ancient HTML skills... I'm making a 3 column liquid layout. I'm close to finishing the skeleton. Here are stumbles. I have 3 columns that I want want sized: 25%,50%,25... Read more

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Which aspects have to be prioritized in web design nowadays?

Hi all, I am wondering what is the design aspect that is being prioritized nowadays. I am currently designing a company website that sells timber (does not need shopping cart). All the sells... Read more

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Where can I find high-quality web-site templates?

I'm looking for a site template that look similar to all the great looking commercial sites out there. ie.,, They all seem to have common structure and... Read more

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Using "now reading reloaded" plugin on my site but in full library view the template looks strange, any ideas?

Using the "now reading reloaded" plugin for my website .There is a widget on the right menu bar, when you click View full Library under the widget it affects the template. Any ide... Read more


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How can i make blog titles clickable?

Using afterburner free template ( for my blog but want to have the titles of the articles clickable to bring you to the ... Read more


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Tool or website or process to display previews of website templates residing in archive files?

I have hundreds of website templates in rar or zip files. To view any of them I have to extract the archive to a temporary folder and then view the template in there. It's a time consuming manu... Read more

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HTML Templates, web page editor question

Hi, I create all of my code "by hand" using Notepad++. One feature I like about Dreamweaver, however, is the ability to create a template for a project. That way, I can re-use a large section ... Read more

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Designing a website

I'm developing the design of my weblog, using Css and HTML, but I confront the problem being indecisive in my designing approach. I have really seen great website designs and made up my own ... Read more

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How to Create and Update Dynmaic Columns Page Template in WP ?

Okay I need to use wordpress to create a custom CMS, just like this website [][1] In there most pages are 2 column, but under each lawyers bio is 3 column [h... Read more


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