Where can I find high-quality web-site templates?

I'm looking for a site template that look similar to all the great looking commercial sites out there. ie. litmus.com, mediatemple.com, icontact.com. They all seem to have common structure and... Read more

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What free CMS and template combination will make my life easy?

I was trying in both Wordpress and Joomla to build a site with: The home page is a blog A horizontal menu on the top, linking to "static" (not blog) pages Each menu item has a hori... Read more

1 answer Best answer by richard bruce

Problem with an image border

I know this probably isn't the right place to ask these kinds of favors, but as I really can't get around it I had to try. Sorry guys. I have a CSS template for a website in Joomla. I managed to... Read more

3 answers Best answer by BPartch

What's your opinion on template sites?

Has anyone had good or bad experiences with template sites such as [Template Monster][1]? An old client of mine is asking whether it's a good idea to use them. I've not worked with templates in ... Read more

7 answers Best answer by Jens Hedqvist

How many web designers use templates to display their work? I don't do many sites but I want to display what I have learned.

I want to display templates I have made on my site, using newly aquired skills, but does this cheapen what we do as web designers? I don't do many sites but I want the templates to act as a starter... Read more

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