Working inside of a CMS editor, best way to float text around images?

I suppose this might be more of a 'using TinyMCE' sort of question...but I am also tweaking the CMS stylesheet, so it can work both ways. Often I have a small image that doesn't take up the enti... Read more

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image text alignment, cross-browser-compatibility question

Hello all, I'm having some cross-browser positioning problems. I've got a short bio element and I'd like for the .bio_name element to go over the image. Chrome and a few others get it right. S... Read more


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How to vertically align text?

I am creating a sidebar made with a div and not a table and I was wondering how can I vertically align the link text. I know you can use vertically-align when you use tables but I was wondering is ... Read more

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Text shifted upwards in Firefox for Mac

Hey guys, I've noticed a strange problem with the Mac version of Firefox - the text is shifted upwards slightly. In Webkit and Firefox on Windows, everything is fine. [Here is the page I've b... Read more


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Force Image and Text on a single line.

The following code Row1: FirstRow LooooooooooongText appears like this, Longtext b... Read more

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How to make an image-to-text rollover with CSS?

How should I make an image link so that when it it hovered over (rolled over) all that is displayed is HTML link? Also how do i have multiple text links which go to different places for 1 image rol... Read more

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How do I get IE to recognize :hover over non-textual portions of an element?

I'm working on a simple button-tabbing system, and try as I might I cannot get IE to properly apply the :hover effect when mousing over a portion of the element that is devoid of text (or border). ... Read more

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How to get the cursor to change to make text following a path in photoshop

I have tried following many tutorials to get text to follow a path in photoshop. However after I create the path (using the pen or any other means) and select the text tool my cursor never changes ... Read more

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How do I set an HTML table's column's width by text length?

I have a HTML table with a column whose cells will always contain between X and Y characters. Is it possible to set the width of the column so that it will always be just wide enough to show Y cha... Read more

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Prevent WebKit (Safari) Browsers of Image Zoom

Is there a way to prevent WebKit Browsers from image Zoom, and instead only make Text-Zoom possible? I'm asking this because i'm using canvas to make a image rotate, in firefox it works well, but i... Read more

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