Fancybox caption title is displaying page title instead of anchor title

I have a bug I cannot figure out for the life of me... I'm very saavy with javascript, jquery and of coarse fancybox, but cannot figure this out! Here's my dev. site: [ Read more


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How can i make blog titles clickable?

Using afterburner free template ( for my blog but want to have the titles of the articles clickable to bring you to the ... Read more


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Changing the background color of my favicon.ico image?

Hey DocType People: Greetings and thanks for all support given! You are worth the while. Have a look at my favicon on the top-left corner of the title bar on your browser. My Blog address a... Read more


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Character encoding issue in Firefox 3.6 page titles

Has anyone else ran into the bug in FF 3.6 that changes the character encoding in the page titles?? It's repeated itself twice now and I'm not sure what's causing it... Read more


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Title of page in <iframe> as <title> of document.

hopefully this won't be displayed ... Read more

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Can not get title of page to "stick"

I created titles for all the pages of my website They all worked except the gallery page. I tried several different variations to no avail. It shows up in the code, but not wh... Read more


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