How to enable -webkit-animation/transition-property for :before and :after pseudo elements?

How to enable -webkit-animation for :before and :after pseudo elements? You can see in that it is not working for :before and :after. And here I am trying to ... Read more


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How do exclude things from -webkit-transition: all .. ease-in-out?

I'm attempting to animate the box-shadow and scale etc. of some thumbnails on hover and with -webkit-transition: all 0.4s ease-in-out; it all works, however I do NOT want the border and the m... Read more

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jQuery image-to-text fade in/out swap problem

I'm trying to use jquery to swap between and image to html text/links then back again, seems simple enough but i get problems when I add a fade transition. How it's meant to work: on load jquery hi... Read more


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Fading-in an arbitrary image using jQuery

I am building an image gallery where I have a "preview window"(an ) that is floated left, and on the right are my thumbnail images. When the user hovers over the thumbnails, the preview window... Read more


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