How do I indent a link within my vertical unordered list?

I am having issues trying to indent some text within my unordered lists so that it doesn't go right up to the left margin. The problem is that when you hover over the each item in the list, the ent... Read more


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Why do bullets in unordered list line up in IE 7 but not in IE 8

Having some issue trying to get these bullets to line up. Displays fine in IE7 but does not line up in IE8: Read more


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What is the best method for laying out multi-column lists in CSS?

And by best I mean, compatible with the most browsers... Read more

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Restore original list bullet

I've a reset stylesheet that tells lists to remove their default bullet; { list-style: none; } If I want to restore that default bullet, how may I do so? I've had no luck trying to force differe... Read more

5 answers Latest by Russell Bishop about 10 years ago