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w3 validation error

hiii..while w3 validation i got document type does not allow element "table" here; missing one of "object", "applet", "map", "iframe", "button", "ins", "del" start-tag and document type does not al... Read more

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How can I create these problems with my website?

My website was working fine I have only created the background and the header so far, it had a few problems but they were relatively minor, I validated my code and it messed up everything, I'm assu... Read more

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Can't get ANY pages to validate as HTML5

I'm having trouble validating my personal site as HTML5. Most of the errors I'm getting from the W3 Validator are in the head or meta tags. For example it does not recognize a tag with 'meta chars... Read more


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How do you indicate to a user that a group of fields is only required if they fill out any part of the fields?

I have a form that is split into two parts, The one half of the form is required. The other half of the form is only required if any field on the form is partially filled in. For the form f... Read more

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Doctype validation

This is a two part question, first I cant seem to figure out what is causing this validation error. Line 1, Column 1: end of document in prolog From the w3c validation online tool, the ... Read more


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Why does the Safari Web Inspector complain about unmatched </p> tags?

I'm using HTML5 <!DOCTYPE HTML> on a simple page with some paragraph tags inside of div tags, and list tags inside the paragraph tags. Firefox/Firebug seems to like it okay, but Safari (4.0.4) Web... Read more

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Validate .html with W3C if you set target attribute on <a>-element?

If you set the target attribute on an a-element the code won't validate at how does one come around this and still have it validating with the targetattribute that is? Read more

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Can a span contain a div in HTML5?

I know in HTML4 that a span (inline element) could not contain a div (block-level element), but under HTML5 I'm not so sure: The [span][1] element context is "where phrasing content is expect". ... Read more

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How can I label this form properly?

How can I fix this buttonless search form so that it will validate correctly with [WAVE][1]? <?php b... Read more

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Urgent: How do i make my page compliant for IE?

Hey: I have a new-media and entertainment review site setup at It displays fine when viewed with Firefox and Google Chrome, but when i launch the page using Internet Exp... Read more


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