Which aspects have to be prioritized in web design nowadays?

Hi all, I am wondering what is the design aspect that is being prioritized nowadays. I am currently designing a company website that sells timber (does not need shopping cart). All the sells... Read more

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What is the widest pixel width I should use for web development?

So usually I develop with the 960 grid. But currently I have a design that could use a bit more space than 960. On the average screen 1050 wouldn't be a problem I guess, but I want this website to ... Read more

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Quick tweaks to make a boring standalone web form look nicer?

I'm working on a simple one-page calculator, heavy with JavaScript and form elements. A snapshot of the page is attached. Obviously it's very plain and I haven't put much emphasis on the layout ... Read more


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Where can I find high-quality web-site templates?

I'm looking for a site template that look similar to all the great looking commercial sites out there. ie. litmus.com, mediatemple.com, icontact.com. They all seem to have common structure and... Read more

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What font family match with web page logo.

Hi all, I have the following web page www.ercesar.com, and I am trying to find a font family that matches with the logo of the website. I would like to know if there is any font similar to th... Read more


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How can I check is a font is free to use for website logo design?

As I found that most default fonts on my system do not come with a license other than to display and print content, I would like to use free fonts to create a company logo. How can I find out i... Read more

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Asp.net C# FilterExpression problem - multiple conditions

I have an asp.net c# website I'm developing with Visual Web Developer Express Edition 2010. In this website I have a FilterExpression that should filter three criteria: a start date, end date, and ... Read more

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Want to know more about Sketch website design

We are going to design a new website and nearly decided to make it in a sketch design. We want to know more about this style of web design. So can you give us where we can find good websites us... Read more

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convert website to wordpress theme

Hi, Before my question "[which cms do you recommend?][1]" I already had made a webiste in which i'v used html, javascript, jquery, ajax and css. Can you help me convert the website(including... Read more

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Is there any way to resize the background image in css?

i want to resize the background image of a span based on the size of the selected font size of a user. how will i do this? Read more

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