How to enable -webkit-animation/transition-property for :before and :after pseudo elements?

How to enable -webkit-animation for :before and :after pseudo elements? You can see in that it is not working for :before and :after. And here I am trying to ... Read more


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Confirm that optimizeLegibility does not work for webkit buttons?

Hi All, Can someone confirm for me that optimizeLegibility does not work on webkit buttons? Does anyone know of a work around? Thanks, Ben. Read more

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How do I put a clear button inside my HTML text input box like the iPhone does?

Got here via [SO][1] which unfortunately didn't bring a useful answer but did point me to doctype, thanks for that ! Like the original Q I need a way to code a clear button in a mobile safari i... Read more

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how do I control the option height in webkit?

I've got a page that uses expanded selects (you know, select height=5 etc, where it's not a dropdown), and I can't seem to control the height of the options. They look really snug. In Firefox, ... Read more


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Fieldsets, legends and Chrome

I am working on web forms at the moment. As I want to keep things as semantic as possible, I want to title each fieldset of the form with a legend. However, legends are notoriously difficult to s... Read more

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Why does webkit not allow decimal points for the letter-spacing property?

I'm trying to make text in a design of mine appear tighter, so I used "letter-spacing: -0.3px". It works great in Firefox, but in any Webkit browser it basically interprets it as nothing (0px). Onl... Read more

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-webkit-transition wierdness

So I decided to add a little progressive enhancement with css transitions to a contact form with the theory that good looking contact forms are submitted more often. The problem is that when the... Read more


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In webkit browsers, sometimes part of the background appears white

I have this issue that appears only when using a webkit browser. Sometimes, when I reload my browser, certain parts of the background become white, and if I resize the window, it renders the backgr... Read more


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jQuery jkmegamenu loses hoverstate in Webkit (Safari, Chrome) browsers

I'm having issues with the jkmegamenu on my site. Surprisingly the culprits are Safari and Chrome this time! First of all I needed to target the positioning specifically to Safari and Chrome as it ... Read more

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.active problem

Hello, With my JavaScript I have set .active after a name of a li when touched on it. Now I am running into problems with this when I want to change the style of it. How can I change the styl... Read more

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