Compliance and Compatibility for my Site!

Good Day All: Thank you All for your Immense Suuport and Solutions to technical issues. Doctype is doing a wonderful job and we all its moderators are great minds! I would like to know if t... Read more


3 answers Latest by Richard Grevers over 9 years ago

Good Javascript Solutions for Modals?

I need to create modal windows that will load multiple pages of html - the html for each state of the modal can live on the page or it can call external pages. Either way is fine with me, but I can... Read more

4 answers Latest by Chris Browning almost 10 years ago

Browsers showing <h1> text as outlines

Has any one come accross a problem before where all browsers are showing certain types of text as an outline? Its seems to be mainly happening to or tagged text all alot of differe... Read more

2 answers Latest by Michael Tierney about 10 years ago