Why do these words always wrap to the next line together?

Hello, I am wondering why these words ("engaging. We") always wrap down to the next line together. If I increase the padding by one pixel both words drop down even though there is a space betwee... Read more

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How to break long words with no spacing characters between them?

Hi. If you look at [http://www.plifk.com/henvic/114][1] and at [http://www.plifk.com/henvic/159][2] you will see that in the second case the layout is broken. There is an overflow of text for the F... Read more

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Stopping word wrap in a ul/li?

I have a ul that may contain list items that are wider than the space that I want to allow for them. I want list items that are too long to just run off the end and be hidden instead of wrapping. ... Read more

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Is there a way to make a heading tag have word wrap?

Pretty simple question-- just wondering if there is some css property I can add to a h1/h2/h3 to allow the words beyond the specified width to wrap. like: **this is a heading and its getting ... Read more

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