What is the best way to display multiple languages on a WordPress site?

What is the best way to display multiple languages on a WordPress site? I will be building a site and wrapping it in WordPress. The client wants to display 3 languages on the site: English, Sim... Read more

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Using "now reading reloaded" plugin on my site but in full library view the template looks strange, any ideas?

Using the "now reading reloaded" plugin for my website www.willnolan.net .There is a widget on the right menu bar, when you click View full Library under the widget it affects the template. Any ide... Read more


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From where I can start learning about wordpress customization?

I am going to integrate WP blog with my website as a subdomain. I want to customize the total look and feel of the application. To do this, what are all I should know? Where should I start? Read more

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GD Star Rating in Wordpress Sidebar

Hi, I use GD Star Rating plugin with my Wordpress blog. There is a sidebar: ![br][1] I believe it should look like this (without br in the middle): ![nobr][2] How can I fix this? ... Read more

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How To Display DISQUS Comment and Reaction Count in wordpress ?

I am trying to find which method to call so it can return me the number of comments together with reactions with this Disqus plugin for wordpress. [this][1] is the API that I was looking at but... Read more

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Help on WordPress Page with Tag or Category (2.8+)

I'm trying to have some Page tagged or categorized, I found 2 plugin that suppose to does the job but neither [tags4page][1] and [Category Page][2] works on WordPress 2.8+ help please, any idea ... Read more

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