wordpress design need advice

I'm designing a theme for wordpress. I need advice on how I would construct it. At the bottom of my Frontpage/Home I will put a snippets (a title and a short description of blog post) of what is... Read more

2 answers Latest by Diego Garcia Gangl almost 10 years ago

Are the shortcodes available on Wordpress.com not available in the regular wordpress download?

I'm trying to add a video from Vimeo but the shortcode doesn't seem to be working. http://support.wordpress.com/shortcodes/ Shouldn't all these shortcodes work on a self hosted install of ... Read more

1 answer Best answer by Stuart Memo

Which would be a better approach for designing and developing websites ?

I am going to learn designing and developing dynamic websites.I already know HTML, CSS and JavaScript. So which would be better to go for - CMSs (drupal, wordpress) or the languages like php, jsp... Read more

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