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How do I achieve a three column layout with 7 images?

Hi all, ![screenshot][1] I have the layout shown. The goal is to have three columns. In the first column should be images 1 and 2. Images 3, 4, and 5 should be the middle column. In the t... Read more


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What is the proper way to autoplay a background audio file with xhtml?

This is a rare situation for a website design/development. In the past I have absolutely avoided using audio files to load/play automatically on websites. It's generally just bad form in most cas... Read more


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Using CSS how can I make a div stretch to touch the bottom of the browser window?

The problem is that there is a margin at the top of the div so using height 100% means the total height will end up equalling 100% + margin resulting in a scroll bar. The problem in question can... Read more


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IE7/IE8 spacing with position:absolute?

Hi, quick question... See: Problem is the vertical-alignment on the carousel and < > buttons. Chrome and FireFox load accurately. IE7/IE8 the elements should be another 2... Read more


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Why is stuff I'm tagging with a <p> showing up in the same font as <h2>?

I'm teaching myself html and am having this problem with an example from the O'Reilly guide I'm suing. This is the text/markup: Starbuzz coffee ... Read more

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Writing content for websites for copying from word processor to website

I am looking for the best solution for copying content a writer wrote in Microsoft Word to say Dreamweaver. Both of these applications may change, I am just looking for a word processor that all... Read more

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XHTML/jQuery DOM error, exception 7, invalid pointer

So, here I am trying to design a personal website for myself and I get this wonderful idea that it would be neat to have my twitter feed on the page. There is a great little jQuery plugin called "... Read more


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is `<br />` still best practice if your doctype is 4.01 Transitional?

If i'm using html 4.01 transitional, will I run into problems if i use as the break tag instead of? Read more

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Webkit browsers default stylesheet keeps changing my font size

I narrowed down my issue to two browsers, Chrome and Safari, both webkit browsers. I have a form that is inserted via PHP, but whenever it is submitted, the font size changes to 16px which is the d... Read more

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Correct title/XHTML tags for a slider

I have a jquery slider containing image and text(title and text summary) that consistently appears across all my pages between the top navigation and the main body textual content. As the main b... Read more

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