How do I revert Lightbox (Fancybox) image and youtube links to normal on iPhone?

I have thumbnails which pop up via Fancybox (a lightbox alternative) but am coding a more iPhone friendly version where I would like the links to just link to the associated image or youtube page, ... Read more


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How to use Shadowbox with YouTube's new iFrame embedded videos.

Hello, I'd like to embed a YouTube Video using YouTube's new iFrame code so it can be seen on the iPhone. Here is the code YouTube gives: w... Read more

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Possible to use javascript to play YouTube and Flash movies on hover of separate image?

Im building a portfolio that contains some flash elements as well as youtube movies that we would like to display on our portfolio...the setup looks something like this... [sm image] [sm image... Read more

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How do I add custom branding to a YouTube Partner Channel

My client's YouTube account has been upgraded to Partner status and we'd like to add customer branding. The example I was picking apart is Revision3's channel ([]... Read more

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I am a Chinese spambot

For Mac users, iMovie is probably a convenient tool for making, editing their own home movies so as to upload to YouTube for sharing with more people. However, uploading iMovie files to YouTube can... Read more


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Making embedded YouTube videos start loading before playing

I am embedding a YouTube video in my website. Is it possible to make the clip start loading before the user presses play? (I would not like the video to start playing automatically.) Read more

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What website designers will help me design a wiki?

I'm planning a big project. I'd like to build a youtube like site (not for videos though), that users can add files too. Any cheap ways I can do this. Read more

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