Cannot get a working sticky footer working with YUI Grids

I'm working on a site in my free time which will hopefully become a template of sorts eventually. This is the first time I've done web coding in a long time. The site is purely HTML/CSS at the m... Read more


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What is causing this missing YUI Carousel Column in Google Chrome?

For some reason Google Chrome is not displaying the first column of a multi-row [YUI Carousel][1] control. It works for me using IE and Firefox but not Chrome. Any ideas how I can rectify or tr... Read more


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Problem:YUI Grids and Large Font Size in IE6/7

I am currently working on a project in which we're using YUI reset-fonts-grid.css to handle layout & font reset. My layout is setup fine (using nested yui elements to get multiple columns, etc.). ... Read more

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Why people say YUI is slow?

I hear that many developers think YUI is slow. Since I don't know the reasons, you guys have any idea to prove their thoughts? Read more

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