How would you fix this uncommon example of the common IE Z-index bug?

This may appear to be a common question that has already been answered because it refers to the [well-known z-index bug][1] in IE7 and lower. However, this situation is somewhat unique; I am usi... Read more


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ie7 z-index sub-menu issue using superfish and css3pie

i have followed nearly 10 or more fix suggestions to no avail. the submenu of my superfish menu appears behind the content in ie7 and ie8. the z-indices are right, and even show so in the html insp... Read more

2 answers Latest by John Bergloff II almost 8 years ago

Using divs to hold background elements, but z-index not working as expected

I have a website that consists of a 960px wide #page-wrap, and inside, the usual #header, #content, #footer. However, I would like to add some visual elements to the edges of some of these divs, an... Read more

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z-index woes - how do I get items on top of each other?

I am terrible at css, please bear with me. Three elements, .subscribe, #pictures, #menu need both .subscribe and #menu to be overlay on top of pictures. css below (all select... Read more

1 answer Latest by Don Jones about 8 years ago

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IE 7+ z-index issue

I'm having an issue overlaying a link with z-indexes over an area. It works in every browser but IE (7-9 is what I'm supporting and none work). The specific issue is that a link overlaid on top of ... Read more


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Google Chrome not respecting z-index

As per the title, it seems only Chrome isn't playign along. Note that form fields cannot be clicked on which are on the left portion of the screen. This only occurs on some pages (such as the Conta... Read more


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Z-Index overlapping div order

it seems in some browsers (ff, chrome, safari), the layering of the divs on the page below would prevent users from clicking on the left side of the title banner or menu as they are over the main c... Read more


3 answers Best answer by Rob Crowther

IE7 z-index issue - Superfish

I've been banging my head on this one for a half a day. Works beautifully in everything but IE7 and 6. It SEEMS like a z-index issue. I've done the ie7 z-index fix, putting a higher z-index on the ... Read more


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z-index problem in IE6

Hi, I create a website using artisteer, but I have some problems by IE6. users can't click on textbox on main content when they use IE6 , and seems that there is some things on content. I change t... Read more

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Why is z-index not working?

I have a div set up, containing another, containing a list, like so ` Site Si... Read more

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