I have hundreds of website templates in rar or zip files. To view any of them I have to extract the archive to a temporary folder and then view the template in there. It's a time consuming manual process to do this for each template

Is there a tool which enables me to quickly preview the templates in the files?

OR (if I extract each template into a separate folder off a master folder)

A web app which can enable previewing of each template by automatically creating a link or a preview image (similar to template sites) of the home page for?

OR any method to preview the templates in the fastest convenient way possible?

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Take screenshots of them and make a little contact sheet gallery.

Answered over 9 years ago by Nathan Duran
  • I want something more automated than this. I still have to unzip the files, manually take screen shots of hundreds and thousands of templates and put them in a gallery is still too time consuming. Tony_Henrich over 9 years ago

You could:

  1. set up a local web server.
  2. extract each template into a sub-directory of its own
  3. set up a virtual host pointing to the top directory
  4. bookmark each template directory (type in the /sub-directory)
  5. use the bookmarkpreviews extension for firefox to create thumbnails of each template
  6. use firefox to browse the bookmarked templates and then open their directory

This is going to take time to set up, but it will do what you want in the long run. You might find, or write a PHP script to traverse a directory structure, load the index page, take a screenshot, make a thumbnail and put them all in a gallery.

But unless someone has had the same problem as you (hint: template web sites) and created a solution, there won't be an easy answer.

There will be software for your operating system (you didn't say which) to automate the unzipping to sub directories. There might be software that does a directory traverse and makes a sitemap (dir2html?) but that might not create thumbnails of the template pages.

Answered over 9 years ago by Tony Crockford