I have a colour jpeg that I want to use Illustrator to produce an outline trace of. I want every line traced - live trace seems only to pick up on the 'outside' edges that run against the transparent background.

So how do I get all edges traced - an edge being the divide between two different colours in the jpg image?

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I'll assume that if you have illustrator, you also have photoshop. I think this is a task for photoshop, with its selection tools designed for bitmaps.

Select color range is probably a good friend here. For each colour, get your selection perfect then convert it to a path. Then export the paths to illustrator.

Ideally you want to recreate the text as real text rather than paths, so hopefully you have a matching font - and can then "ignore" the text in your selections (a little guesswork required for the lion, but the replacement text should cover it.

Answered over 8 years ago by Richard Grevers