I am trying to set up a Xbox360 Madden Online league web site that will track franchise stats ( Injuries, standings, rosters, ect. ) from the game its self.

There is an offical EA sports webiste for online franchises but I want to allow members of my league to track the same stats EA provides from my site so that they dont have to log onto EA's shaky and unreliable server.

I have been doing this so far by manually inputing information onto my site but I would like to set this up by automation if possible.

  1. Is it possible to feed game stats from the game to my website?
  2. Would I have to contact EA and get permission to do this?

this is a link to my project site so you can see some of the things Im trying to do : http://22probowl.webnode.com

  • What is the url where you get the franchise stats? Does the EA sports website have an API? Abinadi Ayerdis over 9 years ago
  • I cant find out if EA sports has an API. You need a username password to sign in but I can send you my account name, just email me @ dantecsims05@yahoo.com http://www.easportsworld.com/en_US/madden/franchise/franchises Mr. Sims over 9 years ago

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Unless there is a publicly available data feed with terms and conditions (which I doubt), yes, you will need to get permission to use or "scrape" the data using an automated means (e.g. a server side script polling the pages on the EA site and extracting the data).

If you have money to spend, I would advise looking for data providers (not limited to EA).

Answered over 9 years ago by enbuyukfener