Is there a tutorial on how to slice and code a pdf file. I hired a designer, and he's gonna give me a pdf file with layers.

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dave 30
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As far as I know, both Photoshop and Illustrator will open PDF files. You could download the trial software if you don't have a license for these programs.

Answered over 9 years ago by dave
  • I have photoshop. So when I get the pdf. I just slice it using photoshop, then turn it to code? canyonchase1 over 9 years ago
  • yah open it up in Photoshop and then slice it as you would with a PSD. dave over 9 years ago

There are many tutorials that can be found that will take you step-by-step trough the process. I would google tuts+ network. Check out both psdtuts+ and nettuts+, they have excellent tutorials regarding psd to html conversion.

Answered over 9 years ago by Ryan Borchert