So there's this ie6 overflow:visible bug that I can't fix gracefully.

The bug is visible in the screenshot below.

Wrong (ie6):

Right (FF, IE8, Chrome):

The menu entry should show:

Contact Us Resellers Support Designer Services But since I can't get overflow:visible working or otherwise simulate it, parts of the dropdown menus get cut off. Currently the css in the ie6-specific stylesheet is:

#zd-nav {
#zd-nav .zd-sub-nav{

I'm aware of the ie6 overflow:visible bug, (as per here: ), which renders overflow:visible null and void. Read through: and tried a few hacks (zoom:1 / position:absolute;overflow:hidden / width:100% ) to try to make it really act as overflow:visible, but nothing worked.

Right now, I've got the dropdown part of the menu set to overflow:hidden, which is essentially my last ditch solution if I can't get the thing acting like overflow:visible matters.


  • There is no overflow:visible in your css mentioned above. Can u isolate this in a public web page and link to that? Divya Manian almost 10 years ago

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Did you try putting height: 1% on #zd-nav .zd-sub-nav?

Answered almost 10 years ago by voidnothings