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As you may know that SEO rank's one criteria is the key word(s) appear in a file's name whose page contains them too.

So, my site's content is in Arabic language, and I wrote the pages' URLs as follows: http://www.arqam-arabi.com/ARABICNAMED_folder/ARABICNAMED.htm, where: ARABICNAMED, is the name in Arabic alphabet of a file/folder, being trailed by "_folder" (for a folder), and ".htm" (for a file).

The "charset=windows-1256" is the attribute used in my site's pages, and I use FileZilla for uploading the files, being set to: "AutoDetect" for Encoding. But browsers like IE and FF (even Arabized) seem not being able to follow the links' URLs as I showed above , though the non-Latin part of the name is still readable on the site, the same as through the FTP client.

This problem could meet any other websites of non-Latin-content, especially of right-to-let languages. Could someone please show me what to do to overstep such a problem?

Thanks in anticipation.

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If you have a look here:


you'll see that the url is encoded (using numeric codes for the UTF8 characters I think). You would have to do the same.

This might help:


Answered almost 10 years ago by Tony Crockford
  • Thank you very much indeed. It does help. Lotfi Abdolhaleem almost 10 years ago

I came across this document on Creating HTML documents in Right-to-Left scripts a few days ago.

Answered almost 10 years ago by Divya Manian

If you are using Apache, you might need to set the character set that is sent in the headers. Typically I have found servers don't have this set correctly or my site requires something different. Here is what you'd want to do:

?AddDefaultCharset windows-1256
AddCharset windows-1256 .html .htm .php

I personally usually use ?UTF-8 because I find it covers everything, but windows-1256 should also work although I haven't tested it.

Answered almost 10 years ago by Darryl Hein
  • Thank you, Darryl Hein! In fact I have never tried using Apache. Lotfi Abdolhaleem almost 10 years ago