I've downloaded SmoothGallery from http://smoothgallery.jondesign.net/ which nicely shows images from a gallery. My problem is that the images are only shown in a small sized window, specified in a css-file:

#myGallery, #myGallerySet, #flickrGallery {

width: 460px;
height: 345px;


Instead of showing the images in this "tiny" window I'd like to have them shown as large as the browser's size (or at least as large as the image is). I thought that the only thing to do was to change the width and height properties to 100%. But that does not work!? What shall I do?

Here is a demo of SmoothGallery:

Ultimately, I'd like SmoothGallery look something like mySlideshowSitepro:

Thanks in advance,

  • Are there any parent elements that are also restricting the size of these elements? Lucas Willett over 8 years ago

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I think to get your gallery to the full-window-size you will have to use some Javascript+(toolkit...i.e. jQuery) to access the DOM and dynamically set the size for the id's #myGallery, #myGallerySet, #flickrGallery. An example would be something like this:

// using jQuery
$("#myGallery, #myGallerySet, #flickrGallery").width($(window).width());
$("#myGallery, #myGallerySet, #flickrGallery").height($(window).height());

I just want to put the disclaimer out there that I've never used SmoothGallery, but this is definitely a start as it may require more "tweaks."

Answered over 8 years ago by Matthew Kimber