I just recently got approved for my podcast and I did all of the steps required through iWeb & Garageband. My podcast showed up on iTunes Podcast Directory but when I tried to click play it wasn't working at all. And I couldn't download it either.

So I'm not sure what I did wrong through that process.

And as my question is mainly about xml files, the .xml generated through iWeb was uploaded to my webhost and I could see it in my ftp client. Now I'm not sure what I do from here, should I use a feed management tool like feedburner to have a constantly updated podcast feed or do I just click publish everytime on my iWeb to get it to work?

Also, if I want to switch from iWeb to something else later, what files do I need to be aware of?

Thank you soo much for any help and advice!!

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iWeb spits out nothing but static files. If you want dynamic content, then it's not really an option at all.

Where you need to put these files is a question you should ask your hosting provider, but they will usually go into a "www" or "public_html" directory.

Answered over 9 years ago by Nathan Duran
  • So should I create a custom RSS file or use something else? Muhammad Usman over 9 years ago
  • Given your experience level, I think you should get a MobileMe account so you can take advantage of all the push-button publishing features the tools you are using have to offer. Nathan Duran over 9 years ago