I'm trying to create a paper bookmark using SVG, and I've found most of the icons I'd like to use there in the AIGA collection. I'd like a similar (b/w only; minimal details) icon for a fax machine, but I can't find any in the publicly available vector icon sets. A glyph in a font would also work, if it's available for free. Any pointers?

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Jordan 469
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Here is a great site for finding icons: Iconfinder.net

Answered about 9 years ago by Jordan
  • More specifically, this: http://www.iconfinder.net/search/?q=fax The b/w ones are a bit blocky, but you can still work from there if you have the time. Alan Plum about 9 years ago
  • Great resource, thanks :) Kyle Sevenoaks about 9 years ago