I am not sure that I've choosen right place for this question. If so - excuse me for this.

I am working on site for software developers (link text). Main feature of it - allow users to create feeds of posts using special filtration rules. I've decided that English must be first supported language on site as it's international language for developers. One problem is that English is not my native language. I am working on improving my English skills but it is not so quick process. So I am worried about possible mistakes in texts on site.

Is there any solutions for verifying English texts on site?

  • Learning English doesn't have much to do with web design. Nathan Duran almost 8 years ago

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Getting the text right isn't so easy even for native English speakers.

  • You can use the grammar checker in a word processor, like Microsoft Word, to check the grammar. The trouble is that they aren't always right. The latest versions are pretty good though.
  • You could include a link or a page asking for help translating the site. If the site is useful someone will likely be willing to lend a hand making it better.
  • Content is king. Many software developers won't care about small mistakes as long as the site works well. You could concentrate on making the site really useful first and worry about the mistakes later.

If your question is any guide, I don't think you have a lot to worry about. Your English may not be perfect but it's pretty good.

Answered almost 8 years ago by Wayne Johnston