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I have an image in a div and I assigned it

 div display: table-cell
vertical-align: middle
and the image within it doesn't center.

    <img />

I then tried putting the image in a table and set the css to vertically align and the image centers:

        <tr><td syle="..."><img /></td></tr>

I don't understand why. I don't like using the table, as I wonder if the table tag makes the page more inefficient in terms of rendering. I wonder if the fact that the div is being used by an Ajax control has anything to do with it. The div is used by this:


The containing div has an assigned height. Any clues?

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Sadly, this never works quite as you'd expect.

There are a few different ways to tackle it, depending on your requirements. There's a good roundup of methods to tackle this on this Theme Forest blog

Answered over 9 years ago by Simon Holmes
  • Thanks, that worked. Your link specified using display:table, which I didn't use as I was only using table-cell. Steve over 9 years ago